Ava Knight Salicka: I want to show I am the best

– I want to win the flyweight title back and then win the super flyweight next year – says Ava Kinight, former world champion.

You are going to fight on February 17th, after 2 years off. Why did you decide come back in the ring?

I decided to get back in the ring because I was anxious to show the world my talent. I have fought mainly in Mexico and now women are fighting in the USA and I want to show I am the best in my weight class.

Why did you choose Mayweather Promotions to continue your career?

I have been in the gym the last few years and they have been interested in putting me in their shows. So I feel the best opportunities for me are with them.

Your plan is to get back your championship belts, obviously? After your last fight you said to Jessica Chavez: You better get ready because I’m going to knock you out. Is it still an option?

Of course. Right now I’m going to focus on getting back in the ring but the belts are definitely on my mind. I’m ready to get them all back by the end of the year. I want to win the flyweight title back and then win the super flyweight next year.

The comeback fight on February 17th is going to be a tune-up? Do you know opponent?

I hope it will be a fight to get me back in the ring. I am not sure about an opponent yet.

Last year women’s boxing was on the rise. Do you agree?

Yes. Women’s boxing ha been doing better and better all around the world and especially now the USA is finally doing the same.

I remember when you said many years ago that the USA is the worst place for female boxing. But today women are recognized and televised by Showtime for example.

Yes. Showtime has started to showcase women on television now and it has been good. It’s good to see that times are changing now.

Will your fight be televised too?

It should be televised, but I am not positive.

What do you think about Olympians in professional boxing like Shields, Taylor, Mayer?

I think the Olympians are doing something great for boxing. They are bringing new styles and attention to the women who already have been grinding. Their Olympic background is more attractive to the public and will hopefully shed more light on talented girls who have not gone that far.

Marlen Esperza – former Olympian. Recently, there has been much talk about your fight againts her. What do you say?

She has been fighting bums and girls who can’t even fight which is a surprise with her Olympic background. Her team won’t fight me any time soon but I’ll be waiting for her when she is ready to step it up.

Female boxers are not paid well enough. Multichampion Amanda Serrano made for her 5 title only 12 thousand dollars. Is it disgraceful or normal?

I think that it is disgraceful that it is normal. We women don’t make much for title and it’s sad. But once more women start stealing the shows on cards we can hope to be prized higher.

Do they pay more in MMA?

They don’t pay more than boxing unless you are the top girl they like. It is a misconception that they get paid more. They do get more sponsors but not more purse money for fights.

Have you ever considered a career in the MMA?

I have but I feel I need so much more discipline in many other arts that i feel it is disrespectful to just go in a sport with not enough experience. I want to learn more jujitsu and judo for at least a year or so before I can consider change.

Ava Knight and tatoo with Polish eagle

Your mother come from Poland. You are very proud of Polish roots. When will you visit Poland?

I wanted to visit soon. My close family lives in Zieleniewo Kołobrzeg and hopefully I can visit them this year or the next.

And your last words to fans in Poland is…

I want to say Hello to all my Polish fans and let them know I am very proud of where I come from. Please follow me @AvaKnightBoxing.

Thanks for the talk.

by Ireneusz Fryszkowski

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